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A list of all the particular destinations I hope to visit

Guide To: Chinese Trains

The train has been a consistently reliable form of travel both within and between many nations for centuries, and one that’s still actively used by travellers today. China is one of those nation that thinks so too, which a considerable rail system which is spread over the vast expanses of the country. If you were…

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Xi’an is a city with immense history, stretching back to the birthplace of ancient Chinese civilisation. As well as being the former imperial capital for successions of emperors and dynasty’s, the city became the terminal end of the Silk Road, bringing with it influence from the Middle East. The city is also home to one…

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Chiang Mai – Part 2

We pick up our story from a 2 days of tattoo’s, bar girls, temples and tourist scams in the paradise which is Chiang Mai.   Day 3 I had nothing planned for this day, therefore the perfect opportunity to tick-off other highlights worth seeing. I found one enormous bucket list opportunity, reminded every time I…

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Chiang Mai – Part 1

During your travels, each destination fits in a unique category; would like to go again, never again, places suitable for a couple of days and places ticked off the list. However, the rarest of them all is finding the pinnacle of everything you’d ever want from a destination. Finding that perfect paradise that you could…

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Travel Plan: Jingpo Lake

This is undoubtedly one of the highlight attractions when it comes to the North-East of China. Although not having that much of an international reputation it is however revered by the locals as a widely recognised cultural attraction. Jingpo Lake and its surrounding natural attractions are even recognised as an important national and historic interest…

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Travel Guide: Harbin

The chronicles of my 2-days in Harbin   Nicknamed the “Ice City”, the capital of the Northern-most province of Heilongjiang is the central-hub of the North-East of China. Nestled in the region formally known as Manchuria, the city has been the result of deep influence from the surrounding cultures which have seeped in for centuries,…

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