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A list of all the particular destinations I hope to visit

Travel Guide: Harbin

Nicknamed the “Ice City”, the capital of the Northern-most province of Heilongjiang is the central-hub of the North-East of China. Nestled in the region formally known as Manchuria, the city has been the result of deep influence from the surrounding cultures which have seeped in for centuries, both welcome and unwelcome alike. Evidence of which…

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The North-East Tour – Harbin

The first step of my North Eastern tour would take me to the capital of China’s northern-most province Heilongjiang; the bustling city of Harbin. The city known as serves as the central hub for a historical interweaving of cultures originating from neighbouring nations, historical conquerors and prosperous foreigners alike. Known as “Ice City”, the city…

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Beijing Guide: Yunmeng Gorge

When it comes to travelling there are two different kinds of experiences you could have. First are the well-known sightseeing spots that the area is renowned for, known world over. They include experiences found with a little bit of research and sites offered as part of a package tour. These unfortunately include the ghastly tourist…

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Beijing Guide: The Ming Tombs

Beijing holds many extraordinary historical artefacts that honour of their mighty historical power and significance. The sacred UNESCO site is visited by millions of foreigners and locals alike paying their respects to the nations forefathers. The mausoleums of the Ming Tombs ceresing the southern edges of the Tiānshòu Mountain remain as a genuine site of…

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Hong Kong: Love/Hate

Despite my very short time spent in Hong Kong, quickly it became apparent that travellers have very mixed emotions to the country. Some will sing the praises of the mystical land which which is world known, where others despise everything that it has become. People’s opinions vary quite considerably, and I can see why.  …

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