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A list of all the particular destinations I hope to visit

Hiroshima: The Horrors of Humanity

If I said the sole reason for me visiting this internationally known city wasn’t because of the events of 75 years ago, then I’d be lying. The city unfortunately achieved worldwide recognition due to the catastrophic events which completely annihilated the city and everyone within it. An event that forever ruined countless lives, both the…

By TravellingWelshman March 31, 2020 0

Japan on £15 a day

Let’s get straight to the point, Japan is fucking expensive. Without doubt its in competition for one of the most expensive countries worldwide, and certainly tops the list in Asia. This becomes a major concern for travellers. How much money do you need? How short does the trip have to be? Is it difficult to…

By TravellingWelshman March 22, 2020 1

Nara: Walking Amongst the Deer

Sometimes it only takes one reason to visit a particular stop along the road. Something special, something worth diverting off the path, an opportunity too good to miss. An experience you know full well will be one of the greatest memories you will have during your time there. So what was this special phenomenon that…

By TravellingWelshman March 8, 2020 0

Travel Guide: Tokyo

Welcome to the biggest and most chaotic city in the world. A centre of art, culture and fashion. A city which prides itself on its wide diversity for both its own cultures and of those from around the globe. Achieving a perfect harmony between the rich past and the ever changing future. Tokyo is a…

By TravellingWelshman February 24, 2020 0

Kyoto: The Highlights

The ancient capital of Kyoto is the home to some of the finest examples of spellbinding attractions, being some of the most gorgeous and serene of any attraction in the country. Two of these stand above all else. Two attractions which are some of the most iconic images Japan has to offer, attracting people from…

By TravellingWelshman February 15, 2020 0

Travel Plan: Zhangjiajie National Park

China is a nation filled from one side to the other with some jaw-dropping scenes, both natural and man-made. However it would be hard to compete with the outstanding natural beauty found here. This must be the most world recognized natural phenomenon China has to offer. A location which has been immortalized in the blockbuster…

By TravellingWelshman January 26, 2020 0