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Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park

What brought me to this quiet little mountain town of Yudanaka? What was the reason for taking the 5-hour bus journey from Tokyo to this little-known town on the outskirts of a ski resort? It wasn’t for the slopes, rather it was to visit the world-famous inhabitants of those mountains which could only be found…

By TravellingWelshman January 5, 2020 0

Tokyo (Part 2)

We pick up the story after a few days of sushi, gambling and temples. Now to continue where we left off… Business is Booming A new day, and time to focus on another area on the vast map of Tokyo. I returned to where I had been the first day to explore the temple which…

By TravellingWelshman December 28, 2019 0

Tokyo (Part 1)

After bidding a farewell to the nation I have called home for over 2 years, it was time to begin my adventure with a fresh new country; Japan. A country I’ve been dreaming of visiting ever since I was a teenager, another world of spirituality, utter chaos and beautiful harmony. Where better to start my…

By TravellingWelshman December 21, 2019 0