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Here’s what I got up to during my 2-days in Busan   For most, Seoul is the only city that’s known in the nation of South Korea, with many more concerned with the near-by border. Many tend to forget about life on the other side of the country. Few will have heard of this bustling…

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The DMZ (Demilitarized Zone), Korea

Backpacking follows a predictable set of events; first follow the well-beaten tracks, before seeking a unique adventure not many get to see. The DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) marks the fragile divide between the borders of both Korean countries. The heavily guarded separation between the two keeps the fragile illusion of peace while on the edge of…

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Seoul; the capital of South Korea, kimchee and K-pop. This city has lived up to its big name as a booming 24-7 city nestled beside the madness of its eccentric neighbour. Vibes of historical Chinese influence with waves of modern Japanese technology, this city stands out as a major Asian capital.   The city is…

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