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Top 8 Highlights: Harbin

Harbin; nicknamed the “Ice City”, the capital of the Northern province of Heilongjiang is nestled in the region formally known as Manchuria. The city of Harbin has become a central hub of the North-East of China, and an area that has received vast influence from surrounding cultures and historic conquerors. Evidence of which can be…

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Travel Guide: Harbin

Nicknamed the “Ice City”, the capital of the Northern-most province of Heilongjiang is the central-hub of the North-East of China. Nestled in the region formally known as Manchuria, the city has been the result of deep influence from the surrounding cultures which have seeped in for centuries, both welcome and unwelcome alike. Evidence of which…

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The North-East Tour – Harbin

The first step of my North Eastern tour would take me to the capital of China’s northern-most province Heilongjiang; the bustling city of Harbin. The city known as serves as the central hub for a historical interweaving of cultures originating from neighbouring nations, historical conquerors and prosperous foreigners alike. Known as “Ice City”, the city…

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