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Chiang Mai – Part 2

We pick up our story from a 2 days of tattoos, bar girls, temples and tourist scams in the paradise which is Chiang Mai.   Day 3 I had nothing planned for this day, therefore the perfect opportunity to tick-off other highlights worth seeing. I found one enormous bucket list opportunity, reminded every time I…

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Chiang Mai – Part 1

During your travels, each destination fits in a unique category; would like to go again, never again, places suitable for a couple of days and places ticked off the list. However, the rarest of them all is finding the pinnacle of everything you’d ever want from a destination. Finding that perfect paradise that you could…

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Bangkok: a city with much expectation, which should of been its downfall. I made that mistake with Bali, such high hopes for somewhere which had been given so much hype as a paradise. Pegged as a highlight before my arrival, only to be thoroughly disappointed by the bleak mark of the tourist trade. Hordes of…

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